Who is 3SGF?

3Strands Global Foundation (3SGF) is a NGO leader in providing direct services to vulnerable populations. Our mission is to mobilize communities to combat human trafficking through prevention education and reintegration programs. For years now we've worked with survivors of abuse and exploitation with the goal of finding sustainable employment and self sufficiency. Through our education programs we bring you the lessons we've learned along the way, the most prominent begin PREVENTION CHANGES EVERYTHING.

About the BRAVE Program

Brave is the best practices and responses for victims of exploitation and is designed to equip direct service providers with tools and resources needed to serve vulnerable populations in a trauma-informed manner. When providers are BRAVE-trained they are better equipped to meet the unique needs of those they serve in a safe and respectful manner. Individuals receiving services from trained, trauma-informed advocates are more likely to engage in support services. This increases the chance of their safety and long-lasting well-being.

Course curriculum

    1. Preview of BRAVE

    2. Pre-Survey

    1. My Interests and Hobbies

    2. My Passion

    3. My Values

    4. Identifying My "Why"

    1. Assessing My Strengths and Growth

    2. Strengths and Opportunities Assessment

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