Course curriculum

    1. Identifying Strengths

    2. Identifying Strengths Activity

    3. Choosing Employment vs. Education

    4. Choosing Employment vs. Education Activity

    5. Using Goals to Formulate Next Steps

    6. Using Goals to Formulate Next Steps Activity

    1. Conducting a Vocational Assessment

    2. Vocational Assessment Activity

    3. Evaluating Results with a Client

    4. Evaluating Results with Client Activity

    5. Developing Next Steps

    6. Developing Next Steps Activity

    1. Set SMART Goals

    2. SMART Goal Activity

    3. Stay on Track

    4. Stay on Track Activity

    5. Maintain Motivation

    6. Maintaining Motivation Activity

    7. Course Insight

    1. Creating a Resume with Your Client

    2. Creating a Resume Activity

    3. Creating a Cover Letter With Your Client

    4. Creating a Cover Letter With Your Client Activity

    5. Developing a Master Application With Your Client

    6. Building Your Client's Interview Skills

    7. Building Your Client's Interview Skills Activity

    8. Building Skills Continued

    1. Assessing Your Clients Education and Next Steps

    2. Assessing Next Steps Activity

    3. Which Type of College is Best for my Client

    4. Which Type of College is Best for my Client Activity

    5. FAFSA/Financial Aid

    6. Financial Aid Activity

    7. How to Support as Your Client Begins School

    8. Supporting Your Students Through Starting School Activity

Course Cost

  • $60.00

About the 3SGF BRAVE Program

BRAVE is designed to equip direct service providers with tools and resources to serve vulnerable populations in a trauma-informed manner. When providers are BRAVE-trained they are better equipped to meet the unique needs of those they serve in a safe and respectful manner. Individuals receiving services from trained, trauma-informed advocates are more likely to engage in support services. This increases the chance of their safety and long-lasting well-being.

Supporting Your Client

  • Identifying Strengths

    Identifying a clients client's strengths will give you better insight into what career pathways they will excel in. Then you can pin point if they should pursue education or go straight into an employment pathway.

  • Job Preparation

    To attain a job, it is crucial that those you serve have the proper understanding of how to best prepare for a job. This includes knowledge around creating a resume, developing a cover letter, using a master application to search and apply for jobs, and practicing interviewing skills.

  • Education Pathways

    Furthering your education can be a great next step for your client to reach their career goals. This does not have to be college, it could be a trade school, junior college, or university, or completing high school.