Course curriculum

    1. Identifying Triggers

    2. Identifying Triggers Activity

    3. Identifying Coping Skills

    4. Identifying Coping Skills Activity

    5. Conflict and Conflict Resolution

    6. Conflict Resolution Activity

    7. Impulse Control

    8. Identifying Safe and Supportive Work Environments

    9. Identifying Safe and Supportive work Environments Activity

    1. Managing Stress

    2. Managing Stress Activity

    3. Assisting Clients in Reframing Stress

    4. Assisting Clients in Reframing Stress Activity

    5. Assisting Clients in Reframing Stress Activity

    6. Responding to Stress

    7. Handling Everyday Stressors Activity

    8. Course Insight

    1. System 1 and System 2

    2. System 1 & 2 Activity

    3. System 1 and 2 Activity 2

    4. Recognizing Irrational Thoughts

    5. Irrational Thoughts Activity

    6. Impulse Control

    7. Power of Thoughts

    8. Meditation Activity

    1. Setting Boundaries

    2. Setting Boundaries Activity

    3. Considering Others' Boundaries

    4. Considering Boundaries Activity

    5. Boundaries at Work

    6. Boundaries at Work Activity

    1. Pre-Employment Check List

    2. Pre-Employment Check List Activity

    3. First Impressions

    4. First Impressions Activity

    5. Communication

    6. Communication Activity

    7. Workplace Etiquette

    8. Workplace Etiquette Activity

    9. Self Advocacy

    10. Self-Advocacy Activity

About this course

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  • 41 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

About the 3SGF Brave Program

BRAVE is designed to equip direct service providers with tools and resources to serve vulnerable populations in a trauma-informed manner. When providers are BRAVE-trained they are better equipped to meet the unique needs of those they serve in a safe and respectful manner. Individuals receiving services from trained, trauma-informed advocates are more likely to engage in support services. This increases the chance of their safety and long-lasting well-being.

Why Take This Course?

  • Handling Stress

    Everyone is affected by stress differently. Preparing those you serve to be successful in navigating the stress in their lives starts with identifying what their stressors are, how they respond to stress, and coping skills they can use both inside and outside of the workplace.

  • Healthy Boundaries

    Creating healthy boundaries is important for the workplace, so that your client will feel safe and comfortable and be set up for workplace success.

  • Job Skills

    There is a lot for our clients to learn and soak in, so they feel prepared for the workplace. Many of these skills are things we have ingrained in us and tend to take for granted, but can be the difference between our clients having great work experience vs. not seeing success.