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Hillary Evans

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Ms. Evans (she/her) is an advocate, educator, and seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the prevention and education landscape. She believes in providing person-centered, trauma-informed approaches that empower people to recognize all forms of abuse and become educated beyond what they have seen about human trafficking in movies and on TV. She collaborates closely with education systems, social services, nonprofits, technologists, and government agencies, establishing cross-functional teams that optimize services for those who have experienced exploitation. Hillary’s lived experience has become a cornerstone of her advocacy, infusing her work with authenticity and a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by survivors. She is not simply a curriculum director; she is a passionate force committed to developing programs that address human trafficking on both domestic and international fronts. Her commitment extends beyond professional expertise; it’s a personal mission driven by a profound belief in the power of education and understanding. This holistic approach, informed by both her professional background and lived experience, positions her as a valuable advocate and leader in the fight against human trafficking.

Program Overview

An empowering learning journey for all caregivers

    1. From 3SGF's Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    2. Mindfulness

    3. Before You Begin

    4. Why are we here?

    5. Let's Reflect

    6. Pre Survey

    1. What Human Trafficking is NOT

    2. My Name Isn't Important, but My Story Is

    3. Video Reflection

    4. Understanding Misconceptions

    5. Misconceptions Knowledge Check

    6. What IS human trafficking, really?

    7. Let's Practice-Scenario 1

    8. Let's Practice-Scenario 2

    9. Let's Practice-Scenario 3

    10. Labor Trafficking

    11. Identifying Suspicious Job Advertisements

    12. Labor Trafficking Reflection

    13. Child Sex Trafficking

    14. Mindfulness

    15. Let's Reflect

    1. Current Statistics

    2. Grooming: What is it and What Does it Look Like?

    3. Let's Practice: Grooming Exercise

    4. Barriers to Identifying Human Trafficking

    5. Difficulties in Identifying Human Trafficking

    6. Red Flags in Human Trafficking

    7. Sextortion: An Emerging Trend

    8. Reflection: Sextortion

    1. Reflection: Who is Involved?

    2. Who Can Be a Trafficker?

    3. Who Can Be a Victim?

    4. Understanding ACE's

    5. Reflection: True or False?

    6. Understanding How Traffickers Prey on Vulnerabilities

    7. What is Trauma?

    8. Understanding Trauma Bonds

    9. Let's Practice: Emily

    1. The Keys to Prevention

    2. Our Recommendations

    3. Tips for Parents and Caregivers

    4. Reflect: What Have You Learned About Personal Boundaries?

    5. Discussing Boundaries

    6. Reflection: What Did You Learn?

    7. Be a Trusted Adult!

    8. Practicing Difficult Conversations

    9. Let's Practice: Jake

    10. My Family's Safety Blueprint

    11. Educate Yourself

    12. How Can I Help?

    13. Report Suspected Human Trafficking

    14. PROTECT Your Children

    15. We Can Be a Resource!

    1. Let's Do a Mindfulness Activity

    2. Post Survey

    3. Download Your Workbook

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